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The Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd. - Tractor Registration Assistance (UK)

Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd

Bob Wood

9 Crawley Cresent, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 9SW

Tel 07543 902009

Tractor registration assistance There is a charge of 15 to members

If you are not a member of Friends of Ferguson Heritage, I require a payment of 37(UK) by cheque payable to Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd, or by electronic payment. This will make you a member until April 2020. If you do not want membership please say, but it still costs you a minimum of 37.

If you want to pay electronically, contact Sandi our membership secretary on 01444 414087.

The DVLA require a letter confirming the year of manufacture from a registered club, for me to provide that letter I require the following. We can now give registration help for any make of tractor, But there is an additional charge of 10 for makes other than Ferguson/Massey Ferguson/Massey-Harris.

Age-related numbers.

1: A clear photo of: A) Each side of the tractor, B) The serial number on the dashboard plate, C) The engine number, it must be readable. Photos will not be returned as I am required to keep them.

2) A covering letter, stating the tractor model (TEA, MF35 etc) serial number and engine number. Eg: serial number TEA 12345 Engine number S123456E, Friends of Ferguson Heritage membership number and your name and address.

3: A stamped addressed envelope large enough to return your papers C5 Is large enough (half A4)

If you have pictures in digital format, then you can send them by email, making sure to include your details, and membership number.

For Retaining an original registration number you can use one of the following.

1: An old log book.
2: A pre 1982 document, ie; service bill, insurance certificate or bill of sale
3: A copy of the entry in council records
Plus the same pictures as for Age-related

The DVLA will only accept documentary evidence that makes a direct link between the vehicles serial number and registration number,

Never post an old log book, always send a COPY, which will be certified.

To get it certified please send along with other requirements, either by post or email, and we will then supply a certified copy of log book for you to send to DVLA. Or a certified copy of your tractors entry in the local County Council archives, which Must have the vehicles serial number on. Contact the Council archives dept in the area the number was first issued, and ask for a certified copy. They will make a charge.

If you cannot satisfy one of the above 2 requirements, you will have to have an age-related number.