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The Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd. - Forum Rules

Well we must have rules, and here they are. No-one will read them anyway.

Here you can read the content guidelines, and the stuffy legal waffle.

CONTENT GUIDELINES ------------------

To make this forum appealing and accessible to the widest possible audience, we would recommend the following -

FORUM CONTENT (Disclaimer) --------------------------

The forum is established to support and connect Ferguson enthusiasts and to promote and support the activities and interests of FoFH. Members participating in forum activities are solely responsible for the legality of their contributions and the views expressed therein and all content posted by members does not reflect the views or policy of FoFH. Similarly, those using the forum - either as guests or members - accept sole responsibility for however they may use any information that they acquire as a consequence of the use of the forum without FoFH or individual members incurring any liability - express or implied - concerning the use, dissemination or application of such information.

COPYRIGHT ---------

Whilst all contributions are copyright the contributing member, all contributors, when posting new topics or replies to existing topics to the forum expressly accept that FoFH may, without fee or consideration, at its sole discretion-

  1. publish such postings in this forum
  2. share or cross-post such postings to other fora with which FoFH has an agreement
  3. publish such postings in whole or in edited form, in any FoFH publications

The above rights apply in perpetuity worldwide without limitation with respect to the form of publication, media or distribution technology which FoFH or its legal successors may choose to employ. The utilisation of such rights is similarly subject to the original contributing member being appropriately credited for the use of such contributions.

MODERATION ----------

FoFH and its forum team will strive to create and maintain this forum for free discussion and exchange of ideas, information and experience with a generally unmoderated content policy. At the time of launching the forum (Mid 2004) we do not envisage general moderation of all postings or strict rules or guidelines for topic content or points of view.

The host server technology of the FoFH forum has been chosen and configured to limit the most likely problems-

There are two possible exceptions to the (generally unmoderated) content policy: technical considerations which may be necessary to maintain an efficient forum within the available bandwidth and host resources and questions of a legal or ethical nature. In the event of such issues FoFH reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to further the interests of the forum.

PRIVACY POLICY --------------

Enough of the small print - enjoy the forum!

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