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The Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd. - County registration letters

The following list identifies the Town/City where the records are held for those registration letters, if the records still exist. They do not tell you the County Council who first issued them. If you wish to know this, email FoFH's Chris Massingham and he will tell you.

A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; R; S; T; U; V; W; Y

AA Salisbury; AB Worcester; AC Coventry; AD Gloucester; AE Bristol; AF Truro; AG Hull; AH Norwich; AJ Middlesbrough; AK Sheffield; AL Nottingham; AM Swindon; AN Reading (not MAN); AO Carlisle; AP Brighton; AR Chelmsford; AS Inverness; AT Hull; AU Nottingham; AV Cambridge; AW Shrewsbury; AX Cardiff; AY Leicester

BA Newcastle; BB Newcastle; BC Leicester; BD Northampton; BE Grimsby; BF Stoke; BG Liverpool; BH Luton; BJ Ipswich; BK Portsmouth; BL Reading; BM Luton; BN Bolton; BO Cardiff; BP Portsmouth; BR Durham; BS Kirkwall; BT York; BU Manchester; BV Preston; BW Oxford; BX Haverfordwest; BY London NW

CA Chester; CB Bolton; CC Bangor; CD Brighton; CE Cambridge; CF Reading; CG Salisbury; CH Nottingham; CJ Hereford; CK Preston; CL Norwich; CM Liverpool; CN Newcastle; CO Plymouth; CP Huddersfield; CR Portsmouth; CS Ayr; CT Boston; CU Newcastle; CV Truro; CW Preston; CX Huddersfield; CY Swansea (not SCY)

DA Birmingham; DB Manchester; DC Middlesbrough; DD Gloucester; DE Haverfordwest; DF Gloucester; DG Gloucester; DH Dudley; DJ Warrington; DK Bolton; DL Newport IOW; DM Chester; DN York; DO Boston; DP Reading; DR Plymouth; DS Glasgow; DT Sheffield; DU Coventry; DV Exeter; DW Cardiff; DX Ipswich; DY Hastings

EA Dudley; EB Cambridge; EC Kendal; ED Warrington; EE Grimsby; EF Middlesbrough; EG Peterborough; EH Stoke; EJ Aberystwyth; EK Warrington; EL Bournemouth; EM Liverpool; EN Bolton; EO Barrow; EP Swansea; ER Cambridge; ES Dundee; ET Sheffield; EU Bristol; EV Chelmsford; EW Peterborough; EX Norwich; EY Bangor

FA Stoke; FB Bristol; FC Oxford; FD Dudley; FE Lincoln; FF Aberystwyth; FG Brighton; FH Gloucester; FJ Exeter; FK Dudley; FL Peterborough; FM Chester; FN Canterbury; FO Hereford; FP Leicester; FR Preston; FS Edinburgh; FT Newcastle; FU Grimsby; FV Preston; FW Lincoln; FX Bournemouth; FY Liverpool

GA Glasgow; GB Glasgow; GC London SW; GD Glasgow; GE Glasgow; GF London SW; GG Glasgow; GH London SW; GJ London SW; GK London SW; GL Truro; GM Reading; GN London SW; GO London SW; GP London SW; GR Durham; GS Luton; GT London SW; GU London; GV Ipswich; GW London SE; GX London; GY London

HA Dudley; HB Cardiff; HC Hastings; HD Huddersfield; HE Sheffield; HF Liverpool; HG Preston; HH Carlisle; HJ Chelmsford; HK Chelmsford; HL Sheffield; HM London Central; HN Middlesbrough; HO Salisbury; HP Coventry; HR Swindon; HS Glasgow; HT Bristol; HU Bristol; HV London Central; HW Bristol; HX London Central; HY Bristol

JA Manchester; JB Reading; JC Bangor; JD London Central; JE Cambridge; JF Leicester; JG Canterbury; JH Reading; JJ Canterbury; JK Hastings; JL Boston; JM Reading; JN Chelmsford; JO Oxford; JP Warrington; JR Newcastle; JS Stornoway; JT Bournemouth; JU Leicester; JV Grimsby; JW Birmingham; JX Huddersfield; JY Plymouth

KA Liverpool; KB Liverpool; KC Liverpool; KD Liverpool; KE Maidstone; KF Liverpool; KG Cardiff; KH Hull; KJ Maidstone; KK Maidstone; KL Maidstone; KM Maidstone; KN Maidstone; KO Maidstone; KP Maidstone; KR Maidstone; KS Selkirk; KT Canterbury; KU Sheffield; KV Coventry; KW Sheffield; KX Luton; KY Sheffield

LA London NW; LB London NW; LC London NW; LD London NW; LE London NW; LF London NW; LG Chester; LH London NW; LJ Bournemouth; LK London NW; LL London NW; LM London NW; LN London NW; LO London NW; LP London NW; LR London NW; LS Stirling; LT London NW; LU London NW; LV Liverpool; LW London NW; LX London NW; LY London NW

MA Chester; MB Chester; MC London NE; MD London NE; ME London NE; MF London NE; MG London NE; MH London NE; MJ Luton; MK London NE; ML London NE; MM London NE; MO Reading; MP London NE; MR Swindon; MS Stirling; MT London NE; MU London NE; MV London SE; MW Swindon; MX London SE; MY London SE

NA Manchester; NB Manchester; NC Manchester; ND Manchester; NE Manchester; NF Manchester; NG Norwich; NH Northampton; NJ Brighton; NK Luton; NL Newcastle; NM Luton; NN Nottingham; NO Chelmsford; NP Worcester; NR Leicester; NS Glasgow; NT Shrewsbury; NU Nottingham; NV Northampton; NW Leeds; NX Dudley; NY Cardiff

OA Birmingham; OB Birmingham; OC Birmingham; OD Exeter; OE Birmingham; OF Birmingham; OG Birmingham; OH Birmingham; OJ Birmingham; OK Birmingham; OL Birmingham; OM Birmingham; ON Birmingham; OO Chelmsford; OP Birmingham; OR Portsmouth; OS Stranraer; OT Portsmouth; OU Bristol; OV Birmingham; OW Portsmouth; OX Birmingham; OY London NW

PA Guildford; PB Guildford; PC Guildford; PD Guildford; PE Guildford; PF Guildford; PG Guildford; PH Guildford; PJ Guildford; PK Guildford; PL Guildford; PM Guildford; PN Brighton; PO Portsmouth; PP Luton; PR Bournemouth; PS Lerwick; PT Newcastle; PU Chelmsford; PV Ipswich; PW Norwich; PX Portsmouth; PY Middlesbrough

RA Nottingham; RB Nottingham; RC Nottingham; RD Reading; RE Stoke; RF Stoke; RG Newcastle; RH Hull; RJ Manchester; RK London NW RL Truro; RM Carlisle; RN Preston; RO Luton; RP Northampton; RR Nottingham; RS Aberdeen; RT Ipswich; RU Bournemouth; RV Portsmouth; RW Coventry; RX Reading; RY Leicester

SA Aberdeen; SB Oban; SC Edinburgh; SD Ayr; SE Keith; SF Edinburgh; SG Edinburgh; SH Selkirk; SJ Ayr; SK Wick; SL Dundee; SM Dumfries; SN Dundee; SO Aberdeen; SP Dundee; SR Dundee; SS Aberdeen; ST Inverness; SU Glasgow; SW Dumfries; SX Edinburgh

TA Exeter; TB Warrington; TC Bristol; TD Bolton; TE Bolton; TF Reading; TG Cardiff; TH Swansea; TJ Liverpool; TK Plymouth; TL Lincoln; TM Luton; TN Newcastle; TO Nottingham; TP Portsmouth; TR Portsmouth; TS Dundee; TT Exeter; TU Chester; TV Nottingham; TW Chelmsford; TX Cardiff; TY Newcastle

UA Leeds; UB Leeds; UC London Central; UD Oxford; UE Dudley; UF Brighton; UG Leeds; UH Cardiff; UJ Shrewsbury; UK Birmingham; UL London Central; UM Leeds; UN Barnstaple; UO Barnstaple; UP Newcastle; UR Luton; US Glasgow; UT Leicester; UU London Central; UV London Central; UW London Central; UX Shrewsbury; UY Worcester

VA Cambridge; VB Canterbury; VC Coventry; VD Luton; VE Peterborough; VF Norwich; VG Norwich; VH Huddersfield; VJ Hereford; VK Newcastle; VL Lincoln; VM Manchester; VN Middlesbrough; VO Nottingham; VP Birmingham; VR Manchester; VS Luton; VT Stoke; VU Manchester; VV Northampton; VW Chelmsford; VX Chelmsford; VY York

WA Sheffield; WB Sheffield; WC Chelmsford; WD Dudley; WE Sheffield; WF Sheffield; WG Sheffield; WH Bolton; WJ Sheffield; WK Coventry; WL Oxford; WM Liverpool; WN Swansea; WO Cardiff; WP Worcester; WR Leeds; WS Bristol; WT Leeds; WU Leeds; WV Brighton; WW Leeds; WX Leeds; WY Leeds

YA Taunton; YB Taunton; YC Taunton; YD Taunton; YE London Central; YF London Central; YG Leeds; YH London Central; YJ Brighton; YK London Central; YL London Central; YM London Central; YN London Central; YO London Central; YP London Central; YR London Central; YS Glasgow; YT London Central; YU London Central; YV London Central; YW London Central; YX London Central; YY London Central

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