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UK TVO Licence


Anyone in the UK who purchases heating oil (Kerosene) or obtains it in any other way to mix with other oils to make Tractor Vaporising Oil (TVO) is now required to have a licence to do so. The selling dealer of Kerosene will require you to show your licence before he can sell to you.

There are a number of very strict restrictions that must be obeyed or HM Revenue & Customs will withdraw the privilege and any breach of the terms may consitute an offence.

The restrictions are:

  1. You cannot use rebated gas oil (red diesel) in the mixture under any circumstances, unless the tractor is only being used for bona fide agricultural, horticultural or forestry work. This of course excludes road runs, shows, ploughing matches or any domestic or pleasure activities.
  2. The concession only applies to tractor models that were in production before 1960.
  3. The mixed fuel must not be used in any other vehicle
  4. The fuel must not be mixed in bulk for resale or storage.

The FoFH has obtained a general licence, which we can issue free of charge to paid up members.

To obtain a copy of this licence send a stamped addressed envelope, your membership number, make & model of tractor, serial & engine numbers to:-

Bob Wood, 9 Crawley Cresent, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 9SW

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