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We know what you're looking for: a good day out for the family. However, if you expect the family to believe your surprise when one of the exhibits is a Grey Fergie, you'll have to take acting lessons. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us, we're all friends here..

Museum entries are currently sorted onto two pages:-

The British Isles

All the Rest

Hopefully the number of pages will increase as more museums are added to the list.

Any information you have on relevant museums or collections open to the public, or open by prior arrangement, can be included on this page. The more information the better: museum e-mail addresses or web sites are preferred, but telephone numbers or postal addresses are also useful because I can then request leaflets, etc.. Personal accounts of a museum visit would make a welcome addition to the museum page, and pictures would also be considered for inclusion. Please e-mail me for an address for items by post.

So, if you know of a shed containing a Fergie steering wheel, open to the public, e-mail the Web page editor

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